Project Description
If you feel your movies are kept in messy way and you are wasting a lot of time looking for the one you want to watch try out ROrganizer.

  • Extracting movie information directly from IMDB
  • Filtering and grouping

How it works:
ROrganizer is an application which links your local movies to IMDB database entries. The application relies on collaborative movies linking.
  • Suppose you have an unlinked movie file, you know what the movie is and you want to contribute to ROrganizer database. The first thing you shoud do is to ensure if the file is not linked. You can do it by updating your database. If your movie has not been found you should find the movie in the IMDB database and assign the IMDB link to the movie. After doing it you should send (commit) your database changes to server. Then your changes will wait until the moderator accept your proposal or they will be enough the same proposals to be accepted automatically. When it is done any user asking for linkage for the same file will receive it and ROrganizer will retrieve newest IMDB movie details.
  • If you are lazy and you only want to receive linkage updates you should check for movie updates. But be aware the less popular file you have the more time you have to wait for valid linkage. Instead of being passive contribute to the project!

How to set up:
  • Open the application
  • Go to Organize -> Manage library
  • Go to Manage folders
  • Add folders with movie files
  • Go back to the main window
  • Click Organize -> Update database

ROrganizer will hash your files, extract metadata from them, connect to server and ask for linkages and eventually connect to IMDB database in order to get extra information. If your files have not been found and you want to contribute to the project please read How it works section.

  • Main Screen - All linked movies grouped by ratings

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